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I create flamboyant, sculptural and wearable pieces that combine ambivalent aspects of appeal and repulsion. Jewellery that attracts attention, pieces that catch the eye and demand self-confidence and conviction to wear, thus challenging the boundaries of what constitutes jewellery.

My work unsettles the borderline between beautiful and ugly in order to tease the perception of the beholder and to evoke reactions. I find it exciting and thrilling to trigger curiosity and challenge viewers to engage and discover, while simultaneously leaving space for individual interpretation. I believe that provoking this playful inquisitiveness is of value to us because it stimulates and originates distinct conditions, which in turn allow for experiences that we would not be exposed to otherwise.

The aesthetic qualities of my ambiguous jewellery are based on an organic form-vocabulary and the introduction of innovative materials and techniques, which I combine and contrast with my traditional goldsmithing skills. An open approach and material-based research, spontaneity and the dynamics that come from intuitive working processes enable me to develop a range of elements, which are then combined to create the compositions of my vibrant work.

http://katharinamoch.com/files/gimgs/th-10_SHOULDER PIECE plastic enamel electroforming cz.jpg
http://katharinamoch.com/files/gimgs/th-10_BROOCH plastic enamel electroforming cz.jpg
http://katharinamoch.com/files/gimgs/th-10_NECKLACE on sholder plastic enamel peridot.jpg